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Bringing joy to others by hosting, baking and entertaining may actually be my first true love. I grew up in a home, really a community, where food was a conduit for the expression of love; for me, hosting was always a natural extension of that. I started helping my Grannan (the original hostess with the mostest) throw parties when I was still very young. She taught me so much about grace, warmth and wit, not to mention organizational skills, DIY madness and how to bake like a champ! My mama and stepmom also provided a childhood full of art, expression, creation and enthusiasm so it’s safe to say that my family very much made me the person and professional that I am today.

I've always been a natural mediator and communicator and I embrace that in all aspects of the planning process. So while I am, of course, here to handle all of the scary and stressful logistical aspects of the event, I also offer support to my clients and their families through what can be an emotional time. You can share your fears with me and we'll work through them together! We will get to know each other very well throughout the planning process; all of my favorite weddings have been for couples I now consider friends!

My affinity for design began when I was just a wee one. My parents fondly recall how I would sit for hours quietly drawing, lost in my own little world of creation. I could entertain myself so easily with art supplies and that patience for arts and crafts never left me. My love of flowers/botanicals comes from my mama, a retired ecologist, who has always had the most beautiful (and delicious) garden. While she and my husband are both infinitely better gardeners than I am, I give it my best shot! There are few things that give me greater joy than creating a centerpiece from flowers I grew myself.

Before my career in events, I worked in restaurants for many years - from dive bars to Michelin-rated establishments - so I truly believe that stellar food and beverage is crucial to a successful event. My design background has also made me a sucker for inspired color stories and interesting texture play. And as a sentimental Southern gal at heart, I am always, always, excited to incorporate family heirlooms or traditions into an event. Throw in a killer playlist and you’ve got yourself a party!

My husband, Nathan, and I bought a small acreage in early 2018 and we take such joy in tending to the property and making it our own. Our first child, Maxwell Forest, was born in July 2019 and our hearts could not be more full. We also have the most magical creatures of all time - 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 cat who thinks he's a dog - Ziggy, Jolene, Yoshimi and JJ. My perfect evening is hosting a dinner party with friends and family, complete with kitchen dancing, board game playing and my hubby’s tasty cocktails! I also cherish a quiet night on our little homestead with just my boys, our furbabies and that big open sky.

Hi, I'm Kyah, a designer on the team at pearl and sky events. I have a long history of creativity, starting as a child, growing up with artist parents in Gainesville, Florida. I attended SCAD in Savannah where I received a BFA in Textile Design with a focus in printmaking. Shortly after graduation, I moved to Atlanta and began working at Anthropologie as a Display Coordinator and Visual Merchandiser. After years of continuously making flower related art, I decided to pursue my love of flowers and started interning with various floral designers around Atlanta. 


Heather and I first bonded when we discovered we were both secretly pregnant while working on two huge installations for a New Year's Eve wedding. There's nothing like mutual morning sickness while trying to maneuver a scissor lift to really start a friendship! A year and two babies later we took the steps forward with me joining the PSE team! 


I live in the outskirts of Atlanta, near Stone Mountain, and have a big yard on a river where my two giant, fluffy dogs and three cats can run free. I enjoy filling my yard with flowers and am attempting a small vegetable garden for the second year now. Some of my favorite things include baby laughs, house plants, snorkeling, and of course creating.

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Being a mama and auntie

Crafting, especially paper goods

Baking for my people

Dance parties

Pleated, twirly skirts and dresses

Tomato season


Snail mail


Climbing trees

The drive-in, musicals and classic movies

Antiquing and family heirlooms

Puppy hikes

Beach days

Riding horses

Ethnic food feasts 

Witty banter

Pink Champagne


Sunsets with my forever date

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