What do you charge for your services?

No two events are exactly alike and our fee structure is reflective of that. Our services are priced according to the scope of the work and thus the amount of time we will be dedicating to your event. Please think of our services, especially our Full Planning & Event Design package, as an investment in yourself and your peace-of-mind; having a professional by your side through this process will allow you to spend more time enjoying it! You have the rest of your life to be a spouse and only this brief, beautiful time to be a fiancé(e)!

Where are you located? Can you help me plan my wedding in California?

The answer is YES! We are based in Atlanta and are available in the Southeast, California, and everywhere in between! While we have not yet had the chance to plan and design an international wedding, we would relish the opportunity! We would even consider discounting our fees for the opportunity to work in certain, magical, far-off places! Let’s chat!

I just want someone to help me with a few things, can you do that?

Certainly! We are happy to assist you with arranging specific details or crafting little pretties! Check out the What We Do page for more details or simply drop us a line! The one caveat here is that we don’t offer “Day Of” planning services. This is simply because we believe you deserve more time and attention to detail than we could possibly give when we’re coming in so late in the planning process.

Can you make my wedding look just like (insert celebrity name here)’s?

While we absolutely want to know if you are in love with a certain celebrity couple’s wedding design, we really aren’t in the business of replicating someone else’s work. We always strive for innovation over imitation, creating bespoke events that tell your personal story. That said, we believe that inspiration can come from anywhere and will happily review this celeb wedding with you to get to the heart of what you really loved about it and personalize those elements to make them your own.

I’m on a very strict budget/I don’t know my budget, can you help me?

Something that became clear to us very early on in is that budgets and financial restrictions are nothing if not relative. Your idea of a “strict budget” might be a dream scenario to someone else and vice versa! We have also found that when a client says “I don’t know my budget” that typically means that they don’t know how they want to allocate their funds - the vast majority of us do, in fact, have a bottom line in mind. One of the first ways in which we assist our planning clients is to help them figure out how best to spend their money by identifying which aspects of the event mean the most to them and which can be pared down. We do happily work with couples on both ends of the budget spectrum while still imposing certain minimums so that we can limit our number of full service weddings (planning + design + florals) to just 8 per year. In this way, we're guaranteeing that we have the necessary time to make sure all of our clients receive the highest level of service. PS - We do take on additional florals-only weddings and events as well!

Who is your favorite caterer/photographer/stationer?

While we certainly have vendor friends that we love to work with because of their talent, professionalism and personality, picking favorites really isn’t possible outside of the context of the event we’re planning together! Like Heather, most creatives put their own proprietary spin on the work they do and we look forward to putting together the vendor team that is best suited to bringing your dreams to life!

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